What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless Dent Removal is the repair of dents in your vehicle without the need for spray painting or panel replacement. This makes the repair work quick and cost effective with the added bonus that your original paintwork remains intact.

What types of dents can we repair?

We can repair most dents that have not not caused damage to your vehicle's paintwork. Examples of dents we can fix are body dents, door dents, common dents caused when parking, hail damage and shopping trolley collision dents.


What types of dents can’t we repair? 

We generally cannot fully repair dents on folded edges, panels that are stretched due to sharp dents and dents that have already cracked or missing paint. 


What is a small dent & a big dent?

This is one of the first questions people ask. 

Unfortunately no two dents are the same so this is a hard question to answer. Here are some photos as a guide to both small & bigger dents. 

The smaller dent shown in the photo is about 5millimetres in diameter & the larger dent is about 20 centimetres in diameter. 



Can vinyl wrap & matte paint cars be repaired by paintless dent removal methods? 

Yes. We can repair dents on both matte finished paint & vinyl wrapped cars


What is so good about Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent repairs are cost effective and time saving, as no repainting is needed and most minor dents take less than an hour to repair.


Larger dents like those in our picture gallery may take half a day to repair.  However, the cost of repairs is usually less or similar to your insurance excess.  This means that if you choose to use Paintless Dent Removal you get to keep your no claim bonus.


The key benefits are:

  • No filling or painting.
  • Preserves original factory paint finish.
  • There are no risks to paint matching.
  • Same day repairs in most cases.
  • Mobile dent repair service; we come to you
  • Up to 80% cheaper than conventional panel shop repair methods.

What areas of Sydney do you service?

We service most areas of Sydney. Please contact us for an obligation free quote or to book a technician to repair your dent.


Can I send you a photo of my dent to obtain a quote?

We cannot provide a firm quote without a visual inspection of your vehicle. However, we are happy to provide a price guide if you send us a photo of your dent. Please email us at info@motodent.com.au or send a message to 0449 252 626.